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Kt Mehers
Crook, OT

Price: $180.00
Art: Sculptures
10/20/2013 12:24:26 PM
1 Available
Crook, OT
Cobweb says "It was Lord Dunsany rather than H.P. Lovecraft that planted the seed of this sculpture in my mind. I was reading a short story entitled, Idle Days on the Yann, in which Lord Dunsany mentions Sheol Nugganoth, one of the ” frail affectionate gods” once loved by the heathen. The name sounded strangely familiar, for obvious reasons, and the few lines which mentioned the deity evoked something compelling yet nebulous.

I remembered Sheol Nugganoth when I was re-reading the Whisperer in Darkness, it added a little something to the text for me, and made me want to see what other traces of this enigmatic deity I could uncover.

Lovecraft does little to clarify the nature of Shub–Niggurath. She, or possibly he, remains ambiguous, and undescribed even as indescribable. I’m sure Arthur Machen’s Great God Pan, and Lord Dunsany’s Sheol Nugganoth, were lurking in at the back of H.P’s mind when he mentioned the Black Goat of the Woods, but I found one particular reference that crysta
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